Frequently asked questions


What kind of System requirements do I need on my computer?

To make use of the service as provided by, consider the system requirements.

How can I check my System requirements?

Register free of charge at and check if your latest QuickTimePlayer version is still valid (required QuickTimePlayer 7). There are plenty of videos free of charge in both qualities available to check if your player is working. You can be assured that all videos will work on your computer as well if you can see the free videos without problems. Consider the system settings! As the videos are high quality, system settings required are high as well.

Why can I see films in “Low Quality” very well, but not those in “High Quality”?

With weak computer systems it can happen that computer power is not sufficient for High Quality videos. In this case Low Quality videos can still be seen very well. For that reason, all videos are available in two different qualities.

What do I need to do to see the films?

You need to sign in free of charge and without responsibility with your Name and Email-address, all further information is voluntary. Once signed in, you can access the whole video-archive.

What do I commit to with registering?

Registration is absolutely free of charge. All services by will be made available. Videos with costs are charged, but only after separate contract confirmation. Registration at is without any obligation. No fixed agreement, no monthly charge nor anything comparable!

Streaming or Download?

The videoclips on our website can be seen as a stream or can be downloaded.

That means: the videos can be seen online. Every time a video is charged for it can be loaded from the web-site for eight times. The video may be seen, re-started and winded into all directions as long as required for the time the file is opened. Once the browser is closed by the user, the video needs to be reloaded. Permission to reload eight times is intending to avoid you loosing the access to the video in case of e.g. technical problems with your browser. Further if you like to look something up after closing down, you don’t need to pay again. After closing the 8th reload, a new option needs to be paid.


You can download the video either as a ".mov-file" in high DVD-quality or in the format for your ipod. Both can bee seen for example in iTunes.

Have fun with seeing the videos!

What means „10 for 9 option“?

If you go for the 10 for 9 option you get access to 10 videos for the price of 9 if all videos are of the same category. That means: you can get one video free of charge if they are the entire same category.

What are payment conditions?

Videos with costs can be payed very easily by PayPal. PayPal is offering different options (Credit Card, by means of a debit entry, cash remittance, PayPal-assets). In case you don’t have a Pay-Pal-account yet, you can sign in with the first charge.

How is PayPal working? Will my account and credit card data be treated confidential?

PayPal is a leading Online-service that is enabling world-wide fast and easy money transfers. Account and credit card details are not forwarded to and are secured by PayPal with latest security technology. Please see further information under PayPal.

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